Friday, 14 May 2010

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Wow, two blog postings in a week, both based on Dave Trott's output (here's the other).
The KIN Summer Workshop on 15th June is on 'the psychology of knowledge sharing'. Something dear to the hearts of all KIN member organisations trying to achieve collaboration and knowledge sharing in increasingly tough times.
Dave Trott's blog posting on 'Singaporean Choice Architecture' is not some a missive on Oriental building design, but rather on 'how to engineer choice'. This is particularly appropriate for our Summer Workshop theme, as I think what we are trying to be is 'architects of collaboration'.
Dave concludes with a great quote from McDonald's Ray Kroc; “The art of salesmanship is letting people have it your way.”
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Dave Trott on 'Just enough information but not too much'

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Dave Trott is in advertising.
He is revered as a skilled commentator and communicator.
I enjoy his blog and would like to share him with you.
In particular this post on Colin Powell's '40/70 rule'.
Comments left by his readers are also worth a look.

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Thursday, 6 May 2010


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What do 'Being a Gentleman', 'Innovation in Cartoons', 'DNA Synthesis' to 'why frivolity is important' have in common? They are just a few items that featured at the Interesting2009 event. I've followed Russell Davis' eclectic blog for quite a while; his quirky view on life is refreshing and challenges conventional thinking. As well as a regular contributor to Campaign and Wired, Russell is one of the people behind the Interesting events.

KIN Members tell us that the diversity of organisations that participate, is one of its main strengths. This stimulates lateral thinking and sparking unusual ways of thinking about common problems. You can't get more diverse than the speakers and participants at an 'Interesting South' or ' Interesting North' event. "Interesting is a 'theatre of ideas' – very informal, with a very 'open source' approach. If there was a single shared quality between speakers and participants it was curiosity".
I'll be trying to get a ticket to ' Interesting North' on 13th November, but they sell out really fast.
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