Monday, 24 February 2014

KIN Maturity model frameworks

Over the years, KIN has developed a number of 'Maturity Model' frameworks. To make it easier for KIN members to locate these, this page lists the frameworks currently available via the KIN MemberSpace.

They are:
  1. Knowledge Maturity model
    KIN's Knowledge Maturity model was substantially revised in 2013 and there is a separate wiki Site dedicated to this model.
    The framework document can be found on this page.
  2. Communities of Practice Maturity model
    There is a separate wiki Site dedicated to this model
  3. Learning from Practice
    The Learning from Practice maturity model framework can be found in the LfP SIG Library under 4. Toolkit.
  4. Innovation
    There is an Innovation Maturity model framework currently in the early stages of development.
(The links above are only accessible to KIN members using their KIN login).

Saturday, 22 February 2014

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Masterclass Event: TMA Developing Cross Cultural Awareness, 17 Mar 2014

This event has been set up in direct response to member demand following a number of interesting sessions at the Summer 2013 workshop where we started to explore the issues facing Global Organisations and the subtleties of managing and working with individuals from a range of different cultures under the banner of 'Knowledge Sans Frontieres'.

Russell Harlow from TMA has been working with Global Virtual Teams and cross cultural issues for many years and ran a similar workshop for KIN back in 2005 which was extremely well received by all participants.

If you, or any of your colleagues would like to know more about potential personal and Country cultural differences and how to best deal with these, then this workshop is for you. (KIN members only)

Russell will use the TMA 'World Prism' to explore a range of cultural differences and what to do to minimise the impact of these. Sessions will include 'Definitions of culture', 'Our understanding of our own awareness, knowledge and skills', use of 'Country and personal Worldprism profiles' and 'exploration of how culture impacts decision making, teams and communications'.

Full details can be found on this event page:
Masterclass: TMA Developing Cross Cultural Awareness'

Friday, 14 February 2014

Top tips for Community leaders from KIN CMAD event...

At the KIN CMAD event in January we asked participants for their top tips for community leaders. Here's a small selection of ideas that address the issue of 'What to consider and plan for before you start a community':
·           Ensure there is a demand for the community
·           Create a demand for the community
·           Have co-facilitators and champions
·           Spend time getting the charter/purpose right and agreed by the core group (1-2 sentences)
·           Appoint appropriate community champions as facilitators
·           Get a good online toolkit, stuffed full of guides, templates ready and accessible as early as possible
·           Agree file plan/file structure prior to launch
·           Agree the community rules (TOR) before the launch of the community
·           Staged launch – do not open to all users too soon
·           Offer online training
·           Self-help group – CoP for CoPs
·           1:1 community leaders training sessions (two hours)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Calling KIN Members: Do you Blog? Do you Tweet? Do you post on Google+ ?

If so, we'd like to know about it and share your activity with KIN members.

Simple post the address of your Blog, your Twitter name and/or your Google+ ID in the comments and we'll do the rest.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

World Bank 'forum2014' - innovative organisation-wide learning event

The World Bank has an ambitious 'forum2014' Knowledge Sharing Program running in February 2014; a series of Bank-wide events designed to showcase expertise and accellerate learning. The Masterclass format is intended as a highly participatory, immersive learning event, quite different to 'presentations' or other one-directional learning techniques.

I was lucky enough to be involved with the development and deliverey a series of one day Masterclass Facilitators' training course for 28 individuals, who will in turn coach the Masterclass 'experts'. This included knowledge elicitation and transfer skills, as well as specific Masterclass facilitation techniques .

I am hoping that Monika WeberFahr, who has been the powerhouse behind the World Bank program will present both the forum2014 program and learning formats employed, at the KIN Summer 2014 Quarterly Workshop. 

Innovation SIG Announcement: Eddie Obeng Transformatory Innovation event

Innovation can seem scary – a CEO suddenly imploring his employees to “take risks and be creative” feels like you’re being asked to do crazy things, fail, and fired shortly afterwards. It doesn’t have to be this way. If implemented correctly, innovation can be the most powerful way of transforming your business, and allow you to permanently and sustainably outsmart your competitors in the process.


At this event, Eddie and the Pentacle team will be discussing how to achieve this with “Transformatory Innovation: How to Deliver Novel Change Beyond Your Capabilities”, using our own innovation, QUBE, the ultimate medium for a world changing faster than it learns.You can get an entry pass NOW to the  QUBINAR from


When:  Thursday 20th February from 17.30 to 19.00 UK time

What:  PART 1, start time 17.30 - a 15-minute introduction to QUBE for people who want to learn e-coaching and e-facilitation.

           PART 2, start time 17.45 - a free-of-charge QUBINAR led by Prof Eddie Obeng. This will cover the following:-

•            Can you innovate without having to become more creative?

•            How do you persuade others to buy into radical change?

•            Case stories from Pentacle and more .. and then networking.

Where: On QUBE Download the app NOW from

Watch the QUBE explainer video at

Pentacle The Virtual Business School +44 1494 678555

Friday, 7 February 2014

SNA SIG New: Update on Webmapper by Laurence Lock Lee

We have been updating our SNA web based toolsets (Webmapper) to enable us to share the results of an SNA more broadly than only through snapshots in Powerpoint (though we still use this as well). The facility enables us to change the dynamics of how the "Analyze and Share Results" stages (see SNA Toolkit Summary) as the audience can be expanded beyond workshop participants alone. We have also recently added some of our basic business focused analytics to the map that can also be viewed online. The maps are similar to the technology used to visualise KIN member connections through common interests. We have been using this recently with KIN member PWC UK. Works best with Chrome and Firefox browsers and the most recent versions of the others ... will display on tablets with variable interaction capabilities. See here.... . Happy to demo to any other interested KIN members.

Feverbee Vircomm summit 2014 - by Erica Hurley

Anyone who took part on the KIN CMAD event on 27th January will know what an inspirational speaker Richard Millington from Feverbee is! His book 'Buzzing Communities' is full of great ideas on how to engage with your community and create a real sense of belonging in your community or network.

On 20th-21st January this year he is pulling together a host of speakers for their first ever Virtual Community summit. I (Erica) will be going along and it would be great to see KIN members there too, it promises to be an engaging and informative few days. You can find out more about how to book your place here.

Please not that this is not a KIN event, so is open to non-KIN members too...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Upcoming Webinar: SCAN methodology and other Academic Research at KIN, 26 Feb 2014

At KIN's December workshop we shared some of the findings from the SCAN methodology pilot at Severn Trent Water. Through the feedback forms circulated at the event members indicated that they would like to know more about this approach, the reasons we undertook the pilot and also like the opportunity to put questions directly to the researchers and participants in the study. This webinar will give members the opportunity to do this and to openly discuss ideas for other research options, including further development of the KIN Maturity models.

Full details can be found on this event page:
Webinar: SCAN methodology and other Academic Research at KIN'