Thursday, 26 June 2014

MBI SIG Announcement: The Value Paradox for intangible assets

In researching our proposed 'Measuring Intangibles' event, I came across an interesting research paper prepared for the Work Foundation.
To see the importance of investing in and measuring knowledge work, this graphic speaks for itself (although the definition of what is an intangible asset must be understood). The report is available here and in the KIN Management Buy-in SIG library.

How Reddit Are Taking The Management Out Of Managing An Online Community

Not sure if you have heard of (or are a member of) the Reddit community, but this interesting article talks about how it has achieved incredible success worldwide by taking the approach of distributed control. Some really good points in here for Community leaders everywhere, that largely echo the findings of the KIN CoP Benchmarking study carried out a few years ago...

Key points:
1. Start by helping an existing community
2.Give people a place to feel they belong
3. It's best for communities to grow steadily
4. When a community hits critical mass, start offering subgroups
5. The success of a community is directly related to the leader or moderator
6. Give your community leaders the tools they need to succeed
7. When you give up control, your community surprises you in amazing ways

KRT SIG Announcement: New Roundtable Event: Knowedge Retention and Transfer, 20 Aug 2014

The need to effectively share and exchange know-how, whether to proactively identify/mitigate knowledge risk, as part of staff moves or react to retirement/redundancy, is as great as ever. Many KIN member organisations are tackling this issue in creative ways. Some having moved from responding to a 'reactive' knowledge loss situation, to a proactive identification of critical knowledge. Whatever your need or whatever your approach, everyone is encouraged to bring along knowledge transfer techniques and tools for a 'show-and-tell', so that we share new insights and innovative approaches.

Full details can be found on this event page:
Roundtable: Knowedge Retention and Transfer'

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Amazing Infographic Depicting '1 Second On The Web'

erica.hurley posted topic Amazing Infographic Depicting '1 Second On The Web' in forum "Cafe KIN".

One second may not seem like much, but a lot can happen in a tiny time frame - especially if it's happening on the Internet!

Every second online, there are thousands of tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and much more besides...

It's hard to imagine and hard to visualise, but there's now a Web page where you can see what so much activity looks like and watch it clocking up the numbers in real time. Designed by a young guy called Steven Lewis from San Francisco  :)