Friday, 13 March 2009

Social Bookmarking - Take 2 (Pt1)

Last year I started an experiment with Social Bookmarking (see this blog entry). I have to admit that it never really took off. I know people had some difficulties setting up accounts on and although I had an account the process of creating bookmarks didn't really seem seamless.

But I remain convinced of the potential benefits of using a Social Bookmarking tool for myself, for KIN members individually and for KIN members collectively. (If you aren't sure what Social Bookmarking is or how it might be usefule to you, see Social Bookmarking in Plain English).

So I've decided to try again. This time using Diigo which is a tool that Steve Goodwin put me on to. I believe the most popular social bookmarking tool is Delicious but the last time I looked it didn't appear to have a feature that I wanted and that is for a self-contained community such as KIN to be able to share their bookmarks amongst themselves. That said, I plan to try Delicious at some point in the future and compare it with what Diigo offers.

That's it for this post. This is the first of a series of three. The remaining two are:

Social Bookmarking - Take 2 (Pt2 - Why?)


Social Bookmarking - Take 2 (Pt3 - Some Results)

What, if any, social bookmarking tool do you use?
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