Thursday, 30 April 2009

KIN Bookmarks, the experiment continues...

It's all very well setting up a KIN Social Bookmarking group, but unless the results are easily visible to KIN members, it's not achieving it's purpose. We now have three active bookmarkers: myself, Gary Colet and Matt Hill from Lloyds Register. So how can KIN members see what is being bookmarked?
Well, there are a number of ways.
  • You can visit the Diigo KIN group web page where all the bookmarks are listed in reverse chronological order of bookmarking. (From this page you can also request to join the group and start adding your bookmarks.)
  • You can visit the KIN Tags and Bookmarks page in memberspace which has a number of groups of bookmarks displayed according to how they've been tagged and a tag cloud of all the bookmarks made so far.

    But remembering to visit a web page regularly is a chore. And do you really what's changed since your last visit? So...

  • You can put in your favourite RSS reader and updates will be brought to you rather than you having to go to the updates. (You do use a RSS reader don't you? - See this post!)
  • Finally, as an experiment, I'm going to use a feature of Diigo and have the week's bookmarks automatically posted to this blog.
As ever, feedback on the above options is very welcome.
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