Friday, 11 March 2011

KIN Member Organisation Maturity Benchmarking

We presented the results of the KIN 2011 Maturity Model at yesterday's Spring Workshop.
The results graphically show the delta between those with a high level of maturity in certain components and those with a desire to improve.

The components assessed were: Knowledge sharing strategy, Measuring impact, Learning and innovating, Collaborating and Re-using. We will use the benchmarking results to ensure the KIN programme for the year reflects this need.

It is also an invaluable signpost to how KIN Members themselves can:
  • Connect peer-to-peer to learn and improve in those knowledge-sharing aspects where they see a capability gap
  • Benchmark their own improvement over time (we will make this an annual exercise)
  • Identify pockets of excellence and demand within their organisation (the tool is available for use by Members at a more granular level)Thornton Abbey - Benchmark.Image via Wikipedia

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