Monday, 2 April 2012

A curates egg ?

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Are you a Twitter-phile or a Twitter-phobe?

Are you a Twitter-philes who thinks the Twitter-phobes are missing out?
Are you a Twitter-phobe who thinks they might be missing out but really can't - or doesn't want to - get Twitter?

Some KIN members are active on Twitter and are sharing content which may well be of interest to other KIN members if only it could be made more accessible.

In fact, there are a number of sources of information online which could be usefully tapped into by KIN members:
  • Content discovered by other KIN members and associates and shared via social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In and Diigo
  • Content discovered by other people interested in KM 
  • Content created by other KIN members and associates in the form of Blog posts
  • Other relevant content by KM thought leaders on their blogs
These sources are scattered and not always easy to find - especially for the non social media savvy. Some of these sources can also be not very engaging.

So, we're about to start an experiment using and
These are two of a new breed of 'content curation' tools. They each have advantages and disadvantages and we thought that the best way of assessing which provides the best value to KIN would be to try both and see what our members think.

We're starting with and will be publishing both a weekly and a daily version of the 'paper' - these can be found here:
Soon we will also be publishing similar content via - watch this space.
{and here it is: }

There are two potential benefits to be gained by investing a small amount of facilitator effort into 'content curation'.
  • Providing additional value to our members by making visible and engaging the social media activities of KIN members and Associates
  • Raising KIN's profile on the major Social Networks
Any KIN members who want to know a bit more about how we are selecting the published content, please visit this page in the KIN memberspace. Feedback on and suggestions for content are very welcome - please join in the discussion here (members only).

Some other examples of content curated using these tools are :

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