Friday, 22 March 2013

2013 - as imagined in 1968

KIN held a sold-out Masterclass on 'Knowledge Visualisation' yesterday with Lulu Pinney.
The day was a hands-on exploration of the difference that well crafted and appropriate images can make to the communication and sharing of knowledge. All too often we resort to the written word, when images can convey meaning so much better. This was proven through some fun and powerful exercises.

In the afternoon, Steve Dale, KIN Associate for Enabling Technologies briefed us on the latest developments in digital and social curation. Potentially helping us make sense and filter the onslaught of digital detritus heading our way, it seems that auto-curated content for online magazines is coming of age. As Steve puts it 'it took a while for Web 2.0 to become Enterprise 2.0, but that is where we are heading with digital curation'.

In 1968 the Los Angeles Times bravely predicted what life would be like for us 25 years hence - in 2013. The article is reproduced here.
If you take a look at page 3 (see 6:00am), it seems that their prediction for auto-curated content was amazingly acurate.

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