Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More on MOOCs

In March, I posted an item on the then relatively new phenomenon of Massively Online Open Courses or 'MOOC's. As knowledge and organisational learning professionals, I think this is something we should be taking serious notice of and asking 'what can we learn from this?'

Steve Dale, the KIN Associate for the 'Enabling Technologies' SIG has since completed a MOOC from the Coursera catalogue of courses on the topic of Social Network Analysis. Steve has very kindly shared his experience of learning in this way in a helpful blog of his own. Read about it here. Steve not only gives insight into how to make this an effective and novel way of learning and sharing knowledge, but also gives an extensive list of MOOC resources.

I will be taking a look through and signing up to a MOOC course very soon. It seems there is just about something for everyone.

Gary Colet

Photo credit and even more resources on MOOCs: http://ii.library.jhu.edu/tag/mooc/

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