Friday, 24 January 2014

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LfP SIG Announcement: New Roundtable Event: Knowledge Capture Tools and Techniques, 27 Feb 2014
How do KIN member organisations capture and preserve vital knowledge? Come and find out what AWE's Manufacturing Knowledge team do and share your experience.

AWE believe they have a lot to share and have volunteered to host and lead a roundtable on this subject which is key for them. The morning will provide an exciting opportunity to learn how AWE goes about capturing and preserving their vital knowledge. In the afternoon, other KIN members are invited to reflect on what they have seen and share their Knowledge Capture techniques and stories.

In their own words:

The case for Knowledge Management in AWE- AWE has stewardship of vital and enduring knowledge which underpins delivery of the AWE Goals. That knowledge is unique in the UK and cannot be sourced elsewhere.

Manufacturing Knowledge Capture- The Manufacturing Knowledge Capture Team captures and preserves knowledge and understanding of AWE’s production processes, to maintain and enhance our manufacturing capability. We produce an educational aid & reference tool (Knowledge Book) for each manufactured component/assembly to accelerate learning.

The Manufacturing Knowledge Capture Team will include the following in our presentation;

Maintaining Manufacturing Capability,
Knowledge Capture Techniques,
Deliverables using multimedia
Access Management, need to know, need to share
Collaborative Working

Full details can be found on this event page:
Roundtable: Knowledge Capture Tools and Techniques'

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