Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Give and take

It's something we probably knew deep-down; those who behave in a generous way to others, will in the long-term do better that only 'take'. This article from McKinsey is from an interview with Wharton School's Adam Grant. He posits that generosity in the workplace continues to be more effective than selfishness and why it is critical for personal fulfilment.

When it comes to knowledge work, identifying natural 'givers' and screening out 'takers' can be very powerful. But how to screen for takers and how do you convert them to givers? The article suggests practical ways of doing this, such as "Ask what would you do in a situation like this,” and give everybody the same situation. The problem is, no one wants to admit, “I would be a taker here.” But there’s an easy way around this, which is, instead of asking “What would you do?” you ask people to predict what other people would do.

Scales Of Justice
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Grant elaborates on his recent book, Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, which explores the evolving world of workplace dynamics, why selfishness fails, and how working with, for, and through others continues to be the recipe for personal and organizational success. 

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