Friday, 29 August 2014

What's your motive?

All our investment in knowledge sharing technology, all the collaboration strategy papers, count for little... unless we are motivated at an intuitive and individual level, to share and collaborate.

Over 11 million people have watched this great TED talk from Dan Pink on 'The puzzle of motivation'. Even if you've seen it before, motivate yourself by watching it again, or take a look at the excellent RSA Animate version of Dan's talk.  

The research has proven that some types of reward can have exactly the opposite effect of that intended. If you think about incentives and rewards for sharing at all, the obvious seems to be focused on extrinsic reward (eg feedback stars). 

Have a think about whether you are supporting and leveraging the phenomenal power of intrinsic motivation in your knowledge-sharing endeavours? In discussing this with KIN members, it strikes me that very often it is simple things such as 'my manager has agreed that I can spend half an hour a week sharing with others outside my team' or 'I now have knowledge sharing as one of my appraisal criteria' can be the most meaningful.

Dan Pink's observations on what motivates us is backed-up by this article HBR 'Does Money Really Affect Motivation?'

What intrinsic motivations is your organisation recognising and leveraging?

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