Friday, 15 July 2016

Augmented knowledge - the fourth channel

Ask anyone familiar with knowledge management what form organisational knowledge takes, they will almost certainly mention tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. They may also mention latent knowledge in networks. I'd like to propose a fourth - augmented knowledge. The coming-of-age of artificial intelligence, 'social robots' and big data is having a massive impact on the way decisions are made in organisations. It follows that if we are to maximise know-how and expertise, the outputs from this technology-enabled channel must be integrated into how we work. Augmenting judgment and experience in this way also supports the move towards evidence-based decision making.

It also drives new skills needed to maximise these opportunities. Data analytics and blockchain coding are not esoteric geeky pastimes, but are increasingly employed by major FMCG, finance, retail, and law firms to highlight trends and real-time patterns that augment business acumen and expertise.

This chart does not imply a hierarchy, but shows how Augmented Knowledge fits with the more established Organisational Knowledge channels.

This perspective is my own, not necessarily representative of KIN's. Alternative views are welcome in the comments!

Augmented Knowledge will be explored in the Knowledge and Innovation Network Winter Workshop on 7th December on the theme of 'Organisational Learning in the Machine Intelligence Era'.
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