Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My 'KIN Blog


We recently held a WEB 2.0 roundtable where a number of different tools and technologies were discussed. I wrote:

"I found myself in a bit of a quandary as to the best way to document the session. Having spent the day discussing a number of very interesting WEB 2.0 tools, I couldn't help feeling that there ought to be a better way than simply creating a document and posting it in the memberspace or in the discussion forum. However, for the time being, that is exactly what I am doing. In the end it is, perhaps, simplest to use the tools that are known and accessible to all KIN members, regardless of any of their shortcomings."

The more I thought about it the more I became convinced that as KM Evangelists (we are all KM Evangelists aren't we?) we ought to be making full use of the Knowledge Sharing technologies available to us. So, since that event I have fiddled around with various options but the one that seems to fit the need best (I'm open to alternatives) is a Blog.

My KIN Blog

So here it is. My first attempt at a Blog! Initial thoughts are Blog about things I think are relevant to KIN members:
  • KIN events
  • Non KIN Events
  • articles I find on the WEB
  • general topics of interest
I'm open to other suggestions. As I say, this was inspired by the WEB 2.0 roundtable event. It is fair to say that I am likely to post quite a bit about WEB 2.0 and other 'Cool Tools' because they are a pet interest of mine. I can (and will) 'tag' my posts with (what I think) are the appropriate tags. Blogger also allows you to display RSS feeds in a separate panel. So on the right of this post you will see a list of Blog items I have tagged 'share' using Google Reader (see my post the RSS Evangelist ) I am using 'Blogger' and as far as I can see, that will allow me to invite others to also submit Blog posts. So if you would like to contribute, email me and I'll add you as a contributor. Blogger has many other features as well which I will be exploring as I go.


Although this blog is KIN related, it's visibility is not restricted just to KIN members. So any KIN confidential information (including individual members' names) will only be posted in the KIN memberspace and linked to from the blog. KIN members posting comments (which I encourage you to do) should also take care not to include KIN confidential information.

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