Thursday, 22 May 2008

Generation Y and WEB 2.0

For my first post in this series on WEB 2.0, here is the text of a post from Read/Write Web that caught my eye that addresses the generation question.

Why Gen Y Is Going to Change the Web - ReadWriteWeb: "Work Tools Need to Mirror Web Tools: Gen Y will drive adoption of 'Enterprise 2.0' products and services. Gen Y in the workplace will not just want, but expect their company to provide them with tools that mirror those they use in their personal lives. If socializing on Facebook helps them get a sale, then they're not going to understand why they can't use it at work. For more buckled down companies, if workers aren't provided with the tools they want, they're going to be savvy enough to go around I.T.'s back and get their own.

Companies wondering how Gen Y wants to use these tools at work should take a look at this - Sacha Chua's Gen Y Guide to Web 2.0 at Work (made for IBM):

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