Friday, 17 December 2010

A lesson from the kids

Red CrossImage via WikipediaFailure is an emotive word. Wow, if only I had Diana Laufenberg as a teacher at school. In Diana's TED talk this month she talks with passion and conviction about how important it is for kids to experience, and learn from, failure. Rather than simply regarding failure as an absolute, she demonstrates that they all can have positive learning outcomes.

At KIN, we have long advocated the importance of learning from both positive and negative practice (we have a special interest group devoted to this), but applying that learning. In the Innovation SIG, we have discussed how important it is that organisations have a degree of tolerance for failure. Indeed innovation won't happen unless risk is understood and embraced.

Laufenberg's talk is inspiring and full of anecdotes about failure. Just substitute 'work colleagues' for 'children' throughout her presentation.
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