Friday, 23 November 2012

Creating value from intangibles

In an effort to discourage women from wearing of a veil, Attaturk had the imaginative idea of making it compulsory for prostitutes to wear one.

I was casting around (well actually spending a couple of fun hours this evening browsing YouTube and TED) for inspiration about how to value intangible assets. I was really looking for a metaphor for how to value knowledge sharing activities.

The veil story came from this funny and inspiring TED video from advertising genius Rory Sutherland, in which he relates some hilarious anecdotes about how to create 'messaging value'. This is perceived value from existing assets. He opens with the story of why and how the humble potato was successfully 'rebranded' in 18th Germany and closes with an example from Canada involving breakfast cereal that is simply breathtaking in its simplicity and effectiveness.

OK, so I admit this video is is only peripherally associated with 'valuing intangibles', but if nothing else take a look at a master storyteller at his best.

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