Monday, 24 December 2012

KIN Maturity Modelling - a major new survey to start 2013

We last comparatively benchmarked KIN member organisations in 2011. This has proved to be an invaluable tool in helping improve competency. As we announced at the KIN Winter Workshop, we will be revisiting the KIN Maturity Model in Spring 2013.

The objectives and benefits of this exercise are:

  • To assess whether and how member organisations have improved their knowledge and innovation capability and maturity over the last 2 years
  • To provide a new set of benchmark data for new and existing member organisations
  • To identify the gaps between high-performing members and those with a desire to improve 
  • To bridge these gaps through peer exchanges and events
  • To help shape the KIN 2013 calendar of events so that it reflects member demand
  • To provide an online maturity benchmarking tool that member organisations can use at a more granular level to identify and bridge internal competency gaps

We need to keep the components and level descriptions broadly the same in order to be able to make comparisons over time. However, we recognise that we should validate the descriptions to ensure they reflect changes to the working environment, resource constraints and developments in social media.
The KIN Key Contacts have been invited to take a look at the wording and comment on any changes that they would like to see for 2013.

Phil Ridout is developing a smart but simple online maturity modelling tool for us. This will be ready for testing during January and the intention is for the Member organisations' Key Contacts to start completing their benchmarking assessment from the end of January. We will then carry out the analysis and use the Spring 2013 Quarterly Workshop, to report on  results and start to 'bridge the gaps'.

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