Thursday, 3 January 2013

Visualising Knowledge

Screenshot of Commoncraft Video on Blogging

Many organisations struggle with communicating complex issues in a simple way, hence KIN's frequent recommendation of Commoncraft. We have also had a few workshops in the past on storytelling techniques, for example using anecdote circles.

Adding the visual element to storytelling makes a lot of sense. All too often we rely on the written word to 'capture' lessons without thinking about the most appropriate medium from the perspective of the recipient. This is a huge issue for those involved in big 'Lesson Learning' programmes, such as the energy companies. 

In early 2013, we intend holding a Masterclass on 'visualising knowledge'. 
The main three factors we intend looking at with experts in visual journalism are:
- knowing what you want to say in the first place, and to whom
- the things visuals do better than words
- storytelling techniques that lend themselves to visuals
- techniques for visualising knowledge

We will also take a look at finding and telling stories within data. Data analytics is going to be ever more important and I think we too often shy away from this, thinking it as geek territory. As we know from Hans Rosling's Gapminder, powerful stories can be told and knowledge gleaned directly from data.

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