Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What's in the sauce?

Hot Sauce

One of the most requested 'wants' from the April 2013 Wants and Offers event was advice on demonstrating the value of knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation practice. In effect, a way of measuring the 'intangible' value of these techniques and initiatives. Anecdotal 'evidence' is simply not enough, although an important part of presenting a value case.

I've been doing some research into this topic in anticipation of running a KIN Roundtable or Masterclass later in the year. As a result, I've added a number of relevant articles to the KIN Management Buy-in SIG library

For the most common-sense view on the topic of measuring intangibles, see this excellent blog entry from Jacob Morgan (and the accompanying reader comments). Whilst not the solution, understanding that 'it's in the sauce' is important. In other words, collaboration and knowledge sharing are just a couple of ingredients in the successful mix. Deconstructing the mix is one of the valuation techniques mentioned in the classic Karl-Eric Sveiby article written in 2001, updated in 2010. 

KIN will be holding a Members' Masterclass on 'Measurement' in the Autumn. 

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