Thursday, 29 May 2014

Innovation SIG Announcement: New Roundtable Event: Innovation SIG , 06 Nov 2014

Innovation and leading change is critical to organisational growth, or even survival. Markets and technologies are changing rapidly; what served us well even 5 years ago may be becoming irrelevant. Knowledge work has never been more critical in facilitating diversity of thinking. There will be two aspects to this Innovation SIG meeting: 1. I have been working with Jon Harman of Syngenta to update the KIN Innovation Maturity Model. This is useful for both benchmarking against other organisations and as a gap-analysis tool. The intention is to use this to highlight and share new insights in KIN member organisations' innovation practice and impact. 2. 'Big data' and 'data analytics' have emerged as critical tools to drive innovation in large organisations. We propose taking a look at the latest trends in deriving new insights and opportunities using these tools. The Director of Innovation and data analytics the Royal Mail will join us to share how they have taken advantage of big data to drive innovation.

Full details can be found on this event page:
Roundtable: Innovation SIG '
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