Thursday, 11 December 2014

Asking the right questions

This is an original work, based on internation...

Knowledge work predominantly focuses on finding solutions to problems. It makes sense that the quality of the answers is directly related to the appropriateness question, right? But do we always ask the right questions or are there more important questions that should be asked?

I'm indebted to Michel Lessard of SNC-Lavalin for introducing me the the concept of 'Question Formulation Technique' or QFT. Originally developed by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana as a method for engaging school children to be more inquisitive, it has obvious application for managing knowledge in a wider, organisational context.

Whilst the 6 step QFT process may seem over-prescriptive at first, once practiced, the results will deliver much richer questions that will deliver meaningful answers. In KIN we get a glimpse of this when we run 'Member Peer Assists'. We have noted a direct correlation between the succinctness (is that a word?) of the question and the relevance and value of the group's suggestions.

This short article from Harvard Educational Publishing explains the origin and QFT process. I'm going to try this out in future workshops; I'll let you know what the answer is!

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