Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Innovation prediction - a tricky business

Crystal ball Fran├žais : Boule de cristal

If you pardon the pun, 'futurologists' may come and go, but Richard Watson of 'What's Next' tends to get innovation prediction about right. His infographics also really make his ideas very accessible.
Take a look at Watson's timeline of emerging science and technology predictions and you can see many of the things he was predicting, such as synthetic organisms, are now reality. It remains to be seen whether others such as the end of dementia or 'vibration energy harvesting' prove realistic.

Incidentally, this item was highlighted to me through the automatically created Knowledge and Innovation Network newspaper using PaperLi. PaperLi auto-curates your content based on pre-determined topics and can deliver the magazine through a variety of channels. We need to further refine the recommendation engine, but it is a smart way of delivering what's interesting.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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