Monday, 11 June 2018

Data paranoia

I received an invitation from one of our speakers at a past KIN Workshop to join Dock.
This technology offers to connect all our social media activity through the blockchain-enabled platform Etherium. The last thing I want is for all my digital presence, such as it is, to be more connected, despite the security that blockchain allegedly offers. 

The invitation cleverly/worryingly lets me know which of my contacts have already signed up for Dock. I had not given Dock permission to see my contacts, so I can only assume that it had done some clever stuff connecting me through the contacts of the person that had invited me. Blockchain may be 'secure', but the rest of it?

Paranoid, moi?

Steve Dale is running a KIN Masterclass 'Building Trust with Blockchain', hosted by PwC in London on 3rd July. KIN Members can get more information and register here.

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