Friday, 22 June 2018

Innovation Announcement: New Masterclass Event: LEGO Serious Play, 09 Nov 2018

Do you use your hands to think?

Creativity, ideation and design thinking are all important components of innovation and problem solving. However, it's often difficult to get the creative juices flowing without some external stimulus. LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is a high-energy creativity, communication and problem-solving technique. It enables faster and better decisions with more commitment from participants. It's particularly effective at releasing untapped potential (people always 'know more than they know they know') and latent ideas.

This is a hands-on, interactive Masterclass for KIN members that will show how to use all our senses, particularly visual and haptic (tactile). Using the metaphor of LEGO modelling, we will experience a new way of thinking (with your hands). This is underpinned by research into the neuroscience of groups and meetings. We will also explore contemporary leadership themes such as psychological safety, systems thinking, diversity and inclusion, authenticity, creativity and collaboration. These are all critical components of successful innovation. You will have the opportunity to tackle your own problems, unlock ideas and take these back into your organisation. LSP is being used in an increasing number of organisations – large and small, commercial and public ; this is an opportunity to experience using it first hand and understand how it and playful approaches can have a significant impact.

This event would be of particular interest to and benefit the following roles and functions:
R&D, Change management, knowledge managers, innovation specialists, strategy roles, operations management, Learning and Development, HR

The key learning points from this event will be:
A practical and engaging problem solving technique, novel idea-generation, team-building, inclusion techniques, the neuroscience behind team working

Full details can be found on this the KIN members' event page:
Masterclass: LEGO Serious Play'

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