Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Masterclass Event: TMA Developing Cross Cultural Awareness, 17 Mar 2014

This event has been set up in direct response to member demand following a number of interesting sessions at the Summer 2013 workshop where we started to explore the issues facing Global Organisations and the subtleties of managing and working with individuals from a range of different cultures under the banner of 'Knowledge Sans Frontieres'.

Russell Harlow from TMA has been working with Global Virtual Teams and cross cultural issues for many years and ran a similar workshop for KIN back in 2005 which was extremely well received by all participants.

If you, or any of your colleagues would like to know more about potential personal and Country cultural differences and how to best deal with these, then this workshop is for you. (KIN members only)

Russell will use the TMA 'World Prism' to explore a range of cultural differences and what to do to minimise the impact of these. Sessions will include 'Definitions of culture', 'Our understanding of our own awareness, knowledge and skills', use of 'Country and personal Worldprism profiles' and 'exploration of how culture impacts decision making, teams and communications'.

Full details can be found on this event page:
Masterclass: TMA Developing Cross Cultural Awareness'
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