Friday, 7 February 2014

Feverbee Vircomm summit 2014 - by Erica Hurley

Anyone who took part on the KIN CMAD event on 27th January will know what an inspirational speaker Richard Millington from Feverbee is! His book 'Buzzing Communities' is full of great ideas on how to engage with your community and create a real sense of belonging in your community or network.

On 20th-21st January this year he is pulling together a host of speakers for their first ever Virtual Community summit. I (Erica) will be going along and it would be great to see KIN members there too, it promises to be an engaging and informative few days. You can find out more about how to book your place here.

Please not that this is not a KIN event, so is open to non-KIN members too...

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