Monday, 24 February 2014

KIN Maturity model frameworks

Over the years, KIN has developed a number of 'Maturity Model' frameworks. To make it easier for KIN members to locate these, this page lists the frameworks currently available via the KIN MemberSpace.

They are:
  1. Knowledge Maturity model
    KIN's Knowledge Maturity model was substantially revised in 2013 and there is a separate wiki Site dedicated to this model.
    The framework document can be found on this page.
  2. Communities of Practice Maturity model
    There is a separate wiki Site dedicated to this model
  3. Learning from Practice
    The Learning from Practice maturity model framework can be found in the LfP SIG Library under 4. Toolkit.
  4. Innovation
    There is an Innovation Maturity model framework currently in the early stages of development.
(The links above are only accessible to KIN members using their KIN login).
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