Friday, 14 February 2014

Top tips for Community leaders from KIN CMAD event...

At the KIN CMAD event in January we asked participants for their top tips for community leaders. Here's a small selection of ideas that address the issue of 'What to consider and plan for before you start a community':
·           Ensure there is a demand for the community
·           Create a demand for the community
·           Have co-facilitators and champions
·           Spend time getting the charter/purpose right and agreed by the core group (1-2 sentences)
·           Appoint appropriate community champions as facilitators
·           Get a good online toolkit, stuffed full of guides, templates ready and accessible as early as possible
·           Agree file plan/file structure prior to launch
·           Agree the community rules (TOR) before the launch of the community
·           Staged launch – do not open to all users too soon
·           Offer online training
·           Self-help group – CoP for CoPs
·           1:1 community leaders training sessions (two hours)
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