Friday, 7 February 2014

SNA SIG New: Update on Webmapper by Laurence Lock Lee

We have been updating our SNA web based toolsets (Webmapper) to enable us to share the results of an SNA more broadly than only through snapshots in Powerpoint (though we still use this as well). The facility enables us to change the dynamics of how the "Analyze and Share Results" stages (see SNA Toolkit Summary) as the audience can be expanded beyond workshop participants alone. We have also recently added some of our basic business focused analytics to the map that can also be viewed online. The maps are similar to the technology used to visualise KIN member connections through common interests. We have been using this recently with KIN member PWC UK. Works best with Chrome and Firefox browsers and the most recent versions of the others ... will display on tablets with variable interaction capabilities. See here.... . Happy to demo to any other interested KIN members.
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