Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Innovation SIG Announcement: Eddie Obeng Transformatory Innovation event

Innovation can seem scary – a CEO suddenly imploring his employees to “take risks and be creative” feels like you’re being asked to do crazy things, fail, and fired shortly afterwards. It doesn’t have to be this way. If implemented correctly, innovation can be the most powerful way of transforming your business, and allow you to permanently and sustainably outsmart your competitors in the process.


At this event, Eddie and the Pentacle team will be discussing how to achieve this with “Transformatory Innovation: How to Deliver Novel Change Beyond Your Capabilities”, using our own innovation, QUBE, the ultimate medium for a world changing faster than it learns.You can get an entry pass NOW to the  QUBINAR from


When:  Thursday 20th February from 17.30 to 19.00 UK time

What:  PART 1, start time 17.30 - a 15-minute introduction to QUBE for people who want to learn e-coaching and e-facilitation.

           PART 2, start time 17.45 - a free-of-charge QUBINAR led by Prof Eddie Obeng. This will cover the following:-

•            Can you innovate without having to become more creative?

•            How do you persuade others to buy into radical change?

•            Case stories from Pentacle and more .. and then networking.

Where: On QUBE Download the app NOW from

Watch the QUBE explainer video at

Pentacle The Virtual Business School +44 1494 678555

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