Wednesday, 12 February 2014

World Bank 'forum2014' - innovative organisation-wide learning event

The World Bank has an ambitious 'forum2014' Knowledge Sharing Program running in February 2014; a series of Bank-wide events designed to showcase expertise and accellerate learning. The Masterclass format is intended as a highly participatory, immersive learning event, quite different to 'presentations' or other one-directional learning techniques.

I was lucky enough to be involved with the development and deliverey a series of one day Masterclass Facilitators' training course for 28 individuals, who will in turn coach the Masterclass 'experts'. This included knowledge elicitation and transfer skills, as well as specific Masterclass facilitation techniques .

I am hoping that Monika WeberFahr, who has been the powerhouse behind the World Bank program will present both the forum2014 program and learning formats employed, at the KIN Summer 2014 Quarterly Workshop. 
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